• A Wriggly Nativity

    THE interactive nativity app!

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    This unique app is based on one of the UK's favourite nativity shows, 'A Wriggly Nativity', by Peter Fardell. The Christmas story is told by children, with excerpts from all the songs, sweet illustrations by Matilda Tristram, three games to play and much more.

    AMAZING VALUE - £2.99 from the Apple iTunes store. (For iPad 2 & above & iPhone 3GS & above)

    For the APP TOUR visit the video tab at 'A Wriggly Nativity'

    "As a Primary school teacher and parent, I believe this app is a must - and ideal for any Early Years Foundation Stage classroom. It is great fun and easy to navigate (as my own five year old quickly discovered!). There are plenty of educational opportunities to encourage singing, composition, enjoyment of stories, memory development and reading. The app encourages children to enjoy each visit in a different way as there is so much opportunity for imagination and creativity - it's far more than just an enjoyable story book!"

    Ellie White, Teacher & Parent










  • Touch the play buttons to listen to the story and songs. Each line of  text/lyrics expands when spoken/ sung making it easy to follow.


    Touch the microphone/playback buttons to  record and listen to your own story and singing.



    Pairs Games - 3 different levels, easy, medium & hard.

    Quiz - to help you remember the nativity story. Easy multiple choice, 3 levels.


    Musical Stars - 3 tunes to play, or make up your own!

    You can make a  certificate when you complete an activity or finish the story and email it to a friend. If you are using an iPad - you can add your  own photo and print it!


    There is something to  activate on every page!

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